South Dakota Sportsmen Against Hunger

The mission of South Dakota Sportsmen Against Hunger is to encourage and facilitate donation of wild game meat to needy people in South Dakota.

How Does It Work?

Take your field-dressed deer, antelope, pheasants, geese or other wild game to a participating commercial processor, and indicate you want to donate it. If your game animal or bird qualifies for a big game processing certificate or a goose processing certificate, the respective big game processor or goose processors will furnish you a certificate to complete. Processors have the certificates on-site; you don't need to bring them with you. Note that some processors may charge more than the value of the certificate.

For deer and antelope, simply fill out the processing certificate for each qualifying whole-carcass animal you donate, hand it back to the processor at the time of donation. There is no limit on the number of processing certificates you may use but only one certificate per animal.

For Canada geese taken during the 2012 August Management Take season (August 4 - 26) and Early Fall Canada Goose Season (only during dates of September 1 - 21), each hunter will fill out one processing certificate for all of the birds bagged and donated that day by the hunter. Each certificate is worth $4.00 per bird for the number of donated birds indicated on the certificate. All of the goose processors will accept the certificate as full payment for processing donated geese.

In fall and winter 2012-13, the big game processing certificates are worth $50 for each donated antlerless deer, and $40 for each donated doe or fawn antelope. Some processors accept the certificate value as full payment for processing donated animals and birds. For those processors who charge more than the certificate value for processing donated animals and birds, you would be responsible for paying any remaining fee at the time of donation.

You may still donate game animals and birds to SDSAH that do not qualify for processing certificates. Examples would be buck deer, buck antelope, pheasants and any game not taken in South Dakota. In these cases, you would be responsible for payment of all processing charges.

That is all you need to do! The rest of the program relies on the processors and food relief agencies (pantries or other charitable food distributors) in the state.

The donated game animals and birds are then processed and frozen by the processor. Arrangements are made for delivering the processed meat from the processor to a public food relief agency. The food relief agencies then distribute the donated meat to needy families who qualify for food assistance in their communities.